Research and Development

       The company has provincial technology center, provincial engineering and technology development center, with more than 50 researchers, There are over 10 senior engineers, and more than 30   engineers, including several technical engineers who have studied in Germany. For many years, the company assigns great importance to research and development “Key Metallurgy Technology of High-frequency Oil-controlled Servo Components and Its Application “ won the second prize of State Technological Invention Prize in 2013; the large-diameter, long-stroke hydraulic cylinder project, along with other projects. have become provincial Torch Plan project, and the AGC hydraulic cylinder project has become a national Torch Plan project.
       Our company pays abundant attention to the protection of intellectual property, and has acquired 31 patents that includes 3 invention patents. We set up study, research and production alliance with Wuhan University of Science and Technology and other universities, and establish research, innovation and practice bases for post-doctorates. We have completed hydraulic system and hydraulic cylinder work for many major national equipment projects with our relentless efforts.

         Shaoguan Hydraulics set up an enterprise level technology center in 2007, which was accredited as a provincial level technology center in 2011;
         Shaoguan Hydraulics was accredited as a national high-tech enterprise by the Science and Technology Bureau in 2008, and passed high-tech enterprise certification                successively between 2011 and 2014;
         Established a servo hydraulic cylinder engineering and technology development center in Guangdong province in 2012, which passed acceptance inspection in March              2015;
         Built a fine hydraulic technology research and equipment institute with Wuhan University of Science and Technology in 2012;
         Constructed a postgraduate service station, and a postdoctoral innovation, practice base for Wuhan University of Science and Technology in 2013
         Approved as the innovation, practice base for post-doctorates for Guangdong Province in 2015;