Company profile

     Shaoguan Hydraulics Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1965, and converted into a limited liability company in 2003. The company is one of the leading companies in China, which mainly focuses on design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinder. lt is the only company in China which not only has fully adopted the design concept and manufacture procedure of Rexroth from Germany but also has been awarded a quality satisfactory certificate by Rexroth.
     The company mainly focuses on development, manufacture and sales of hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic system. The products are sold to various fields, including metallurgy, heavy machinery, engineering machinery, port machinery, rubber machinery, military engineering and others. The products are sorted to different series, such as Rexroth, American standard and Japanese standard series hydraulic cylinder, engineering machinery series hydraulic cylinder, AGC and AWC and other high-end servo hydraulic cylinder, swinging rack hydraulic cylinder, rotary joints, hydraulic system, etc.

      The company is a national high-tech enterprise, running by a group of professionals containing professors, doctors and senior engineers with strong technical innovation ability. The company has over 200 different sorts of processing equipments including more than 100 precise and professional equipments for manufacturing of hydraulic cylinder. All of the equipments are top-level compared with other industries.

      Shaoguan Hydraulics Co.,Ltd., which is known as "metallurgical certified professional manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder”, is the earliest key enterprise that produces hydraulic cylinder. Shaoguan Hydraulic is also the leading enterprise of Shaoguan hydraulic cylinder industrial base and one of the top 100  big key equipment manufacture enterprises supported by Guangdong government.

Enterprise history
Founded in 1965;
First Chinese company that imported high pressure hydraulic cylinder technology from German company Rexroth in 1987;
Received product quality endorsement certificate from Rexroth in 1989;
Achieved ISO9001 quality system certification in 2001;
Turned into a limited liability company in 2003;
Moved to No. 8, Shaonan Avenue in 2005, occupying an area of around 150 mu (25 acres);
Undertook a national Torch Program project in 2007— AGC servo hydraulic cylinder;
Became a national high-end enterprise in 2008;
Became a famous brand in Guangdong Province in 2009;
Established Guangdong provincial technology center in 2011;
Built a new plant (200 mu/33acres) and started manufacturing in 2012, and was promoted into a national high-end hydraulic cylinder base.
Established a servo hydraulic cylinder engineering technology development center in Guangdong province in 2012;
Won the second prize of State Technological Invention Prize in 2013;
Approved as the practice base for post-doctorates in 2014;
Officially released the standards it drafted on GB servo hydraulic cylinder;
Became one of the units making national standards for the hydraulic industry in 2016;
Made achievements with relentless efforts:
Won the second prize of State Technological Invention Prize in 2013 because of The project of “Key Metallurgy Technology of High-frequency Oil-controlled Servo Components and Its Application “.